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The Red Door is a short horror game where you play as an abduction victim placed in the house of a murderer. Find your way around the house and escape before the murderer catches you. The murderer loves to play with his victims so he will give you three chances to escape. Find the keys to unlock the doors, Read the notes left from his past victims and escape as fast as you can.


  • Move - WASD
  • Interact/Hide - E
  • Unhide - Q
  • Drop Item - G
  • Crouch/Stand - C
  • Toggle Flashlight - F
  • Search for the keys and notes from past victims. 
  • Use portals to move around the house
  • Solve puzzles to unlock doors
  • Find the red door before the murderer finds you

Can you escape? Will you find the red door? or will you use up all your chances and die trying.

StatusIn development
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorAladdin Vargas-Vicuna
GenreSurvival, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Thriller, Unity
Code licenseGNU General Public License v2.0 (GPL)
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Stared out my most recent Itch.io Horror pack with this game, it had some good unsettling imagery and puzzles to it. Was a bit glitchy here and there but definitely enjoyed it regardless! Glad to have checked it out for a video :)

Fun game.  Music cranks up and you know he is coming and it's time to leave or hide. Could have used another picture for the 2nd slide puzzle but overall was a cool game and fun to play.




Great game. The use of sound effects and music had me on edge the entire time. I liked that you never knew when the killer was going to come out.


Well this is a awesome game, it have some good freaking jumpscare but please choose another free copyright music to put in this game, youtube has claim your music is not copyright

WASD? Whyyyyyy? :'(


Because that's how you control games on a keyboard. 


Well no actually. We use zqsd over here and harcoding wasd makes the game unpalyable.

(1 edit) (+10)(-1)

Petition the French government to import better keyboards. And you're not missing much with this game anyway.


yeah honestly this game sucks don’t worry too much 


Game could be a bit more better if the ending animations were good and if the chase music just stopped after getting caught by the enemy.

Also part of this is just jumpscares and the enemy shows up rarely, making the game only hard because of the amount of puzzles given and not the horror elements itself.

Would be great if you fixed these.


Ciao,Probabilmente è un problema mio..ma verso la fine del gioco mi si blocca sempre e devo uscire dal gioco(precisamente quando mi trovo di fronte alle ultime porte)sono l'unico a cui succede? Lascio un video nel caso volessi capire meglio di cosa sto parlando. Grazie per l'attenzione.


Ciao. non parlo italiano quindi userò google translate per questo mi dispiace. questo è un gioco abbastanza vecchio, quindi mi dispiace che tu lo stia sperimentando. non ho sentito di nessun altro che abbia avuto questo problema. se non ti dispiace potresti dirmi le specifiche del tuo pc?

sono poco esperto di specifiche..però a parte il finale, il gioco lo eseguo perfettamente.

Proverò a disinstallare e installare di nuovo. Grazie della risposta 👍

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Just played this and I must say it was very enjoyable, nice creepy and dark atmosphere with some puzzles and of course those creepy doll things, only thing I would recommend is that you get some WD-40 for the hinges on the cabinets :P Good work dev !

oof those darn cabinets. I’ll make sure to grease them on my next pass lol! Thanks for playing!


Hey dude nice game, I really liked the mechanics and the puzzles even though I am bad, I hope you post more games.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

thanks for playing!

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i managed to get through the red door to find out you die anyway. nice first game yet i am terrible at puzzles XD

thanks for playing!

I loved playing this, not gonna lie to you. It's not the scariest, but the environment had me on my toes the whole time lol. And I did get scared from a few things too still, overall good game!


Thanks for playing! This is my first solo game so it was really just me trying to learn unity so I can make better games. Thanks for your honest opinion and hope you check out my future projects!

No problem man!

Good Mini Horror Game

I like the environment, fear of getting caught and killed, music is good, i played to red door but i fall and was prisoned in room full of drawers, its chapter 1 i dont know what to expect from other chapters.

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Hey Dev, saw your full version of the game and it was free so yeah why no play it (Btw nice job). Keep calm and stay calm. Why? because of the corona virus. stay safe and I hope you will enjoy this video :) . 


-add sound effects to the monster like breathing

-and maybe add some small details or small effect like cobweb and and blood dripping

So far it was nice I like it for a short horror game. Stay safe Dev.


Do you know if anyone's done a gameplay video or walkthrough for the end of the full version? I am small brain and couldn't figure out how to find a key in the room full of numbered cabinets before getting killed for the 3rd time.


Honestly have no clue. To help you out when you fall through the floor and enter the room with the TV and multiple doors all the doors have a set of numbers above them. This specific set of numbers is also show on some walls as you progress through the game. If you open the cabinets using the corresponding numbers one of the cabinets will spawn the key you need for the door. It's also set up in a way where if you open all the cabinets it will show up sooner or later if you have trouble finding the code. I believe closing the cabinets resets the code so make sure to leave them open. Good luck and thanks for playing. Also sorry for the poor design of the puzzles and what not it's my first game and I am a solo developer so it's not the best lol.

Thanks for the help! Yeah I kept shutting all the cabinets. No wonder I never found anything lol. I had fun playing the game and it definitely scared me like with the creepy dolls and the killer popping up, so I think you did a good job :)

I think i've seen this game's map, soundtrack and pretty much everything before in a mobile (android) game called Grandpa Horror Mask (not the same story tho). Which makes me wonder, if you're the one who made that game too, or did you copy someone else's work, or what.... Anyway I enjoyed the game, and it was a fun experience. THANK YOU.

It’s possible you did I bought the 3d models from the unity asset store but the map design, most the sounds, the story, and all the code in this are mine. Glad you enjoyed it. I plan on making the full game feee later today if you’re interested in replaying the newest version. Also possibly adding a new level soon. Thanks for playing. 

Yeah why not. Thank you so much for the offer. I really appreciate it.

It's a Unity Asset Pack called Horror Hide And Seek Kit, and that is why there are many games like this out there, however this one is totally outstanding from the others

I have played only the demo so far...I liked it. 

thanks for playing! Glad you liked it

wow updates keep it up

Deleted 1 year ago

I just finished the demo and was recording it for my first YT video. I really enjoyed it and will be waiting for the full game to come out.

WOW this game is a good one and I really hope you come out with more gameplay so I can get to the red door and win thanks so much for the game

I’m working on that now my friend! The next version will be the official full level and it should be ready in about a week or two. Thanks for playing!

can’t wait to see play it 

Great game cant wait for the next version, and thanks :)


A good start for a game, found some odd things too.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

thanks for playing hope you enjoyed it! Next version will be out in about a week or two and will continue from the floor breaking so look out for that if you’re interested! Thanks again!

I hate when my kidnapper is also a wizard. Nice game

It's always an anxiety-filled experience when you're trapped inside a house that your abductor is roaming around in as well! Def an awesome concept for a game. If it was possible to introduce the murderer sooner in some way I think would really heighten the game. Keep the gamers on their toes!

Great work!

Thanks for playing and your feedback I take everything into consideration and try my best to work it into a fun/scary experience for everyone.

Pretty cool! I enjoyed it. I got a little frustrated with the puzzle but I know it's not supposed to be easy. I'll definitely play again soon. Thanks for the fun!

Thanks for playing and im glad you liked it! The puzzle is randomly generated at the start of your playthrough sometimes even I found it too be too hard but sometimes its really easy lol

Good little game, just a few probs with the notes

Working on notes and more content. Thanks for playing the demo much appriciated!

I had fun playing this game! Nice work, keep it up!

thanks for playing! Quick question do you know which version you downloaded? Was it the original or the v0.2 version?

I had downloaded it on Feb 25th so I think it was the first version.

Okay thanks for replying much appriciated. The reason I asked is I have a new version up and I didn't notice my changes in your video so I panicked a little lol

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I good start to a game, leaves players with questions, and pretty creepy. 

Looking forward to the full release.

Hey thanks for playing!

nice game kept me scared the whole time lol I never knew what to expect. Game starts @0:48 

Thanks for playing and glad you liked! You actually managed to expose a huge bug I didn’t consider towards the end so thanks for that I’ll take all this into consideration and fix it for the next version. 

Gave it a go, feedback provided within

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thanks for playing and the feedback will work on it! I know the stories a little all over the place right now so bare with me lol. As for the door I can promise you the door is 100% red just hard to tell under the heating lamp lol

Deleted post

Interesting Story!

Thank you for playing!

Game is good but need lots of improvements, can't drop bug, low fps, optimization so that's why I'm rating 3/5.

thanks for the feedback will work on this! 

idky, but looking around with the mouse isn't working. Thought it was my mouse and I reset the game a few times, still getting this bug.

(1 edit) (+1)

there’s currently a bug where the settings come up zeroed out. Go into the settings and raise both the sensitivity and the volume. Volume raise all the way and sensitivity raise it to the middle. Also sorry for the inconvenience!


It was a good! The demo reminds me of a horror game called Granny. The only thing I would update are the notes, because I couldn't read due to lighting (I think I forgot to turn off my flashlight) or font size. Anyways, it was a good demo!


Hey thanks for playing and making the video! Seeing where you encounter some problems is very insightful and I use all that for future versions. I’ll use your feedback and work on future version and we should be at a full release soon. Thanks again!

that portal w

that portal was really impressive, definitely pulled it off there


Hey dev it's me, here's the video. Hope you enjoy this video, I put a lot of effort in this video than your game (this just a joke please don't take this seriously XD ). Any how watch this video if you loss hope in developing in game and remember one of those gamers is waiting for your game. 


-In your menu there was a bug i can't click the esc or back button

-before starting the game, try to show the controls. (Because i didn't saw it in the menu and it was bug hope you understand)

-try to fix the image of the note letters when turning on the flash light

all in all it was a fun game

(hope to see you in the future :). Tell me if the games finish kk )

Hey thanks for posting the video. Hilarious gameplay I’m glad the jumps are got you haha! Also very insightful feedback I’ll work this into the next version! Thanks again

thank you too dev no homo (again this is a joke the homo part XD )

how do you drop a note once you pick it up? :)

OMG it's him XD

OMG! Where? :)


Cool game, only one thing that i can think of is when you start the game you can't move around with the mouse because its literally set to 0, took me awhile to figure it out but overall i like the demo, hopefully the full game is great.

Hey thanks for playing. VERY odd you game settings started zeroed out definitely shouldn’t do that I’ll look into it and fix that when I push out a new update. Again thanks for playing and I very much appreciate you taking the time out to play this!

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